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Defective implants by Sulzer were sold to hospitals and doctors covered with an oil that prevents bone from bonding to the replacement implant. The presence of mineral oil prevents bonding to the receiving bone, the implant loosens and the result is severe pain. The only cure is another major surgery with all the risks of anesthesia, infection, nerve damage and other complications, plus the pain. Actually revision surgery is more complicated than the original surgery and recovery time is much longer. But there is no alternatives.


Sulzer has offered to pay for hip replacement surgery as part of the recall of its defective hip joints, but that’s all. That’s not right. California law provides compensation for pain and suffering caused by a defective product, the pain you again will suffer as a result of another hip surgery, past and future medical expenses, physical therapy and lost wages caused by the company’s misconduct. To collect these damages, you need to file a lawsuit against Sulzer within one year of learning of the defect and you have to prove your damages. That requires an experience trial attorney with a proven track record of success. Hire only a specialist in civil litigation.


On May 17, 2001, Sulzer admitted that its knee implants were not properly bonding to bone. Sulzer followed the same procedures manufacturing its knee implants as its recalled hip implants. The most probably culprit is oil.

Sulzer has reported to the Food and Drug Administration that it is conducting “ongoing investigations” of knee implants made between July and December 2000 and reporting its findings to surgeons using Sulzer knee implants. A total of 1,336 U.S. patients received one of the Sulzer knees. Sulzer has not recalled its knee implants, but it has stopped sales, removed the products from the shelf and alerted doctors of the problem. Sulzer has not announced any plan to compensate patients with its defective knee implants that now need to be replaced. It probably will not.

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