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Alexander Law Group, LLP, LLP has unique experience helping parents and their adopted children in special cases where county social workers have withheld important information which has caused emotional and financial disruption to families. The details of our casework and a special article on adoption fraud can be found on our websites.

Under California law parents have a lifetime duty to maintain a child who is unable to maintain himself or herself.

If your family is facing major medical, psychiatric, or residential care bills for your adopted child because of a failure to disclose information before the adoption, we may be able to help you.

To hold a county responsible for an adopted child’s special needs a claim that complies with the requirements of California’s Government Code must be served on the County Clerk within six months [or one year for a late claim] of the parent’s learning of fraud or misrepresentation by adoption workers.

If a parent learns of fraud, but does not file a claim or files late, California law is brutal: both the parent’s rights and the child’s rights are lost forever. Make no mistake. There is no second chance for your child. This law is brutal in the extreme.

If you suspect adoption fraud, do not contact social workers without first understanding the law.

If any critical information was concealed from you or if you suspect that has been the case, under California law you must file a claim against the county the was responsible for the adoption within six months of discovering fraud or misrepresentation.