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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the settlement of lawsuit against Britax Child Safety, Inc. for certain single and double-baby jogging strollers that are dangerous because of a defective quick release on the front wheel to the fork can which can fail to secure, unlock and cause the front wheel to detach suddenly dumping children to the pavement.

Britax has agreed to develop and launch an informational campaign that includes an instructional video demonstrating how to safely and correctly operate the quick release on the front wheel of the strollers.

Additionally, eligible consumers in the U.S. will be offered incentives to promote the effectiveness of the informational campaign. After participating in the informational campaign on the Britax website, consumers can receive a free modified thru-bolt or free modified quick release that can be installed on strollers manufactured between 2009 and 2015, or take a 20 percent discount towards the purchase of a new non-defective baby stroller. consumers.

The deal is misleading and it should be called a “recall” publicly.  And only certain strollers which were imported after 2009 are part of the proposal. All others are left out.

This is not a good deal for babies or their parents.

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