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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a press release about the recall of mirrors, art and wall décor from Uttermost due to injury hazard. The issue with these items is the defective adjustable j-hook hanging hardware. Apparently, the hardware can break and allow the décor to fall, which poses an injury hazard to bystanders. At this time, about 17,000 units are under recall. If you’ve purchased any Uttermost wall décor, you need to check the hardware on the items to see if they are impacted by this recall.

Defective J-Hook Hanging Hardware

The recall involves Uttermost wall décor, including mirrors and art, which were sold with adjustable j-hook hanging hardware. The recalled j-hooks are adjustable and measure about 3.5 inches long and 0.75 inches wide. The j-hooks in question have item numbers 1703, 1704, 1705 and 1706 printed on the back bottom portion of the j-hook and on the hardware’s box. Uttermost wall décor has been sold at various retail and gallery stores and on popular online stores like, and others. The decor with defective j-hooks was sold between June 2017 and March 2018.

Remove Uttermost Décor From Walls Immediately

As of June 12, 2018, Uttermost has received 13 reports of hanging hardware breaking, causing mirrors and other types of wall décor to fall from walls. At least one injury has been reported, and that was a laceration to a consumer’s leg. If you have any wall décor from Uttermost, you need to remove it from the wall and inspect the hanging hardware immediately. If your items have the recalled j-hooks, do not hang them back on the wall until you have replacement hardware. Contact Uttermost to get free replacement j-hooks with free shipping.

Protecting Consumers in San Jose

If you’ve been injured by a defective product in San Jose, San Francisco or in any of the nearby communities, report the incident to the CPSC, the product’s manufacturer and contact a personal injury attorney with proven consumer law experience.

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