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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently issued a press release about a recall of Specialized bicycles due to defective parts and a risk of crash hazard. According to the CPSC, 2018 Specialized Allez models are being recalled. The fork on the bicycle can break and cause the rider to lose control, posing a significant risk of a crash. At this time, about 5,550 of these bikes are being recalled in the U.S. Included in the recall are the 2018 Specialized Allez (Base), Allez Sport and Allez Elite road racing bicycles. The bicycles come in various colors including red, black, light blue and white.

Details of The Specialized Bicycle Recall

The bicycles in question have an alloy frame and a composite fork. “Specialized” is printed on the downtube, “Allez” is printed on the bottom of each fork leg and “FACT” is printed on the inside of the left fork. So far, one report of cracking in the fork has been reported. Thankfully, there have been no injuries or crashes associated with this defective bicycle part yet. If you have one of these bicycles, you need to sop riding it immediately and contact an authorized Specialized retailer for instructions on how to get a free installation of a new fork.

Specialized Bicycle Models Involved in The Recall

  • 2018 Specialized Allez
  • 2018 Specialized Allez Sport
  • 2018 Specialized Allez Elite

CPSC’s Fast Track Recall Process

The company voluntarily issued this recall. Specialized is participating in the CPSC’s new Fast Track Recall process. These recalls are initiated by firms, who commit to working with the CPSC for quick announcements and remedies of defective products. This process was developed to get active manufacturer participation in the recall process, so that dangerous products can be removed from consumers as quickly and efficiently as possible. This Fast Track Recall process helps to get the word out to consumers for swift remedies. The goal is to get dangerous products off of the market and out of consumers’ hands as fast as possible.

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