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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a press release regarding a recall of propane grills due to a potential for burn injury. According to the CPSC, Saber Grills is recalling grills and liquid propane (LP) regulators due to fire and burn hazards associated with the possibility of a gas leak. The grills’ LP regulators can allow gas to flow at too high of a pressure. This can result in a leak, which can then result in flames bursting through the burner knobs. At this time, there have been 35 reports of the regulators malfunctioning. Consumers have reported singed arms and burned or singed hair. Thankfully, no severe burn injuries have been reported yet.

Defect Saber LP Grills

The defective LP grills in question are made by Saber and have model number RA329 LP regulators. Approximately 18,000 grills and 2,900 warranty parts and conversion kits are being impacted by this recall. The date codes on these grills range from 1120 to 1344. If you’re not sure if your grill or LP regulator is under recall, you can find the model number on the underside of the grease tray. Check the CPSC’s website or with the manufacturer to see if your grill or LP regulator is involved in this recall. If you have one of these grills, stop using it immediately and contact Saber for a free repair kit with installation instructions. Additionally, there is a video available on Saber’s website.

Reporting an Unsafe Product to The CPSC

The Saber LP grill recall is being conducted voluntarily through the CPSC’s Fast Track Recall process. These types of recalls get initiated by manufacturers who work swiftly to pull dangerous products off of the shelves and take active and immediate steps to get remedies to consumers. If a defective or malfunctioning grill or other type of consumer product has injured you, you need to let the manufacturer know, file a report with the CPSC and contact a lawyer. Consumer reporting helps to alert the CPSC and the product manufacturers of problems with potentially dangerous products.

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