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Most people know that there are many different areas of law. After all, there are ads on television for everything from medical malpractice to personal injury law. However, many people may not necessarily understand what these terms mean. And when you need a lawyer, it is important to hire someone with significant, successful experience in that area.

“Personal injury law” is a good example of a term that sounds deceptively simple. Why not just call it “injury law” and leave it at that?

It all comes back to the nature of the injury suffered by the victim. Three of the major areas of law are contract law, property law, and personal injury law. Contract law focuses on damages to people who have entered into some sort of an agreement with each other, such as a buyer and a seller. Property law focuses on the rights of people relating to real property, such as houses.

Personal injury law is a distinct area of law that focuses on injuries to people. This area of practice is sometimes called “tort law.” Generally speaking, there are three types of tort actions, although they may overlap in a lawsuit.

The first area is known as negligence law. In this type of lawsuit, the focus is on whether someone acted reasonably in how they behaved toward someone else. If a person had a duty to do so but failed to meet that duty and someone else was hurt, negligence law is at play. Most car accidents fall into this category.

The second area of personal injury law is known as strict liability. The focus in these cases is often on whether a product was defective or an activity was inherently dangerous. A good example of this area of law is the litigation pending over defective switches in GM cars.

The third area of personal injury law relates to intentional conduct that hurts someone else. Examples of intentional torts include assault and battery, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy.

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