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Traffic experts often attribute crashes to three types of factors: driver, environment, and vehicle. When litigation develops over an accident involving a tractor-trailer, the focus is on evidence that bears on these issues. One of the most valuable pieces of evidence is truck driver logs.

Truck driver logs include a wealth of information about driver factors at play in large truck accidents. For example, they indicate information such as rest periods and meal breaks, which can help your lawyer determine whether there are hours of service violations or potential fatigue. A major problem with current truck driver logs is that they are subject to both human mistake and to falsification, either by the driver or the company.

As we have discussed before, the mandatory implementation of electronic logging devices (ELDs) are on the horizon. ELDs will synchronize with truck engines, significantly reducing the opportunity for mistake or falsification. ELDs will include information such as the following:

• engine speed and change;

• idle time;

• location; and

• miles driven.

In addition, ELDs will shed light on environment and vehicle issues. For example, by pinpointing the time of the crash, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to cross-reference weather conditions.

ELDs will help keep drivers and companies honest. They will increase the likelihood that wrongdoers in the trucking industry will be held legally responsible, as accurate data will be available. They will also help reduce pressure placed on drivers to bend rules in order to maximize company profit. They will also shed light on driver rest periods, allowing federal and state governments, as well as attorneys, to evaluate potential driver fatigue.

Federal rules will require ELD information to be retained for at least six months.

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