Over the most recent 10-year period for which statistics are available, there were 12 deaths attributable to injuries suffered on inflatable amusements such as bounce houses. Particularly tragic are head and neck injuries, which may occur on the amusement or when someone is deflected off of it, onto a hard surface.

Inflatable amusements have become one of the most affordable, fun ways to enjoy time at outdoor events. Kids and even adults enjoy bouncing in space walks, moon bounces, and bounce houses, as well as climbing on inflatable slides and rock walls.
But as with many things, inflatable amusements have a dark side: death and serious injuries. Proper supervision is critical, as is operation of the amusement.

Most deaths are attributable to falls, commonly resulting in injuries to the head or neck. One fatality occurred when a child unplugged the amusement, resulting in suffocation of one of the bouncers. And another occurred when adults playing on the amusement fell out through a gap, striking a small child bystander and knocking him to the ground.

The most common injuries, however, involve the arms and legs. Broken bones are common, as are sprains, strains, and dislocations. Over 17,000 people are injured each year on inflatable amusements.

What’s worse is that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has found a “statistically significant increasing linear trend” in inflatable amusement injuries. From 2003 through 2013, emergency department-treated injuries increased threefold. However, it is not clear whether this is because of the increasing popularity of these amusements, because of their design, or because of some other factor.

From a legal standpoint, many different people may be liable when severe injuries occur on inflatable amusements, such as the following:

• the equipment manufacturer, under a theory of product liability;

• the owner or operator of the amusement;

• the person or entity who rented the amusement; and

• the insurance company for any of the above.

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