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The FCC recently voted to approve 5G Spectrum Frontiers, making the U.S. the first country in the world to open up higher-frequency millimeter wave spectrum for the development of 5G (fifth generation) wireless cellular technology. According to Environmental Health Trust, the FCC was flooded with comments and concerns about the potential health, safety and environmental impacts of 5G Spectrum Frontiers. The most pressing concern about the FCC’s 5G approval is that it would essentially mean mandatory irradiation of the general public. The FCC has forged ahead with this potentially disastrous policy without providing the research and studies associated with the potential public health impact. At this time, there is absolutely no credible assurance of safety. On the contrary, what research and studies we do have show a clear and dangerous impact to public health.

Cell Phone Radiation and Public Health

Years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic,” putting them in the same danger category as certain chemicals and pesticides. The WHO research panel reviewed studies that focused on the public health impact of low levels of cell phone emitted radiation. Additionally, a $25 million government study recently found increased cancer in rats from cell phone radiation. Other studies have had similar findings.

At-Risk and Vulnerable Groups

Those most at risk for being impacted by 5G radiation include some of the more vulnerable population groups. Children, pregnant women, teens, the elderly, the disabled and men of reproductive age will be put at serious risk with the impending 5G spectrum frontier. People aren’t the only ones at risk for adverse side effects associated with the development of 5G wireless cellular technologies. We still don’t know what kind of environmental impact this will have on wildlife, bees, migratory birds and other members of the ecosystem.

Protecting Consumers in San Jose

The team at Alexander Law Group, LLP has been warning the public about the strong link between cell phone use and brain tumors in children since 2009. Unfortunately, the FCC, cell phone companies and wireless technology innovators are ignoring the impending danger to public health.

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