Anybody who has ever been on a blood-thinning drug like Warfarin knows how important it is to regularly test his or her blood. Unfortunately, not all testing devices are created equal. In fact, one device in particular has consistently shown accuracy problems. A recent New York Times article highlights the accuracy concerns regarding the INRatio blood testing devices. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had more than 9,000 reports of malfunctions with more than 1,400 reports of injuries associated with the INRatio and INRation2 blood testing devices since they have been cleared for use in 2002.
Unsafe INRatio Blood Testing Device

This device has been marketed as an easy, at-home alternative to sending out blood samples to a lab. The idea is that you can routinely check your blood’s clotting ability without all of the hassle of sending it to a lab. Unfortunately, the device just hasn’t proven to be reliable and accurate. A trial comparison of blood samples from over 5,000 people found the INRatio device readings were different than lab results 35 percent of the time. The article goes on to point out that there are far more injuries and reports associated with the INRatio device than with similar blood testing devices, but for some reason, the INRatio remains on the market.

The Importance of an Accurate Blood Testing Device

The importance of having an accurate blood-testing device can’t be overstated. Especially for patients who are on blood thinners like Warfarin. If you’re not getting enough Warfarin, you could be at risk for a stroke. If you’re getting too much Warfarin, you could be at risk for a fatal bleed. Where testing for blood thinners are concerned, you absolutely need an accurate and dependable device. Anything less is endangering your life.
Faulty Medical Devices
Consumers are counting on their medical devices and drugs to perform as promised. A defective blood tester could have a dangerous or even deadly impact. Where blood-thinning drugs are concerned, you need a device you can count on, every time. If you or somebody you love has been injured due to a faulty medical device in San Francisco, San Jose or any of the surrounding Bay Area communities, contact the skilled and proven team at Alexander Law Group, LLP at 800.777.1776 for a free case consultation.