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Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) held a public information meeting regarding the ongoing recall on Takata air bag inflators. NHTSA administrator Mark Rosekind and other representatives from the NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Division were on hand to update the public and answer questions associated with the Takata recall. Officials with the NHTSA are encouraging consumers to check their vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) using their online search engine to determine the recall status of their vehicle or vehicles. During the meeting, consumers were given the latest information on the current status of the recall.

The NHTSA’ Plan For Takata Air Bag Recall

At this time, the plan is to accelerate repairs and ensure that the inflators that present the greatest safety risk get replaced first. Next month, officials with the NHTSA hope to announce a decision about further measures and steps to be taken regarding the acceleration of the recall and repair process. Consumers with vehicles currently impacted by the recall or any other manufacturer recalls are reminded to contact their local dealerships immediately for repair or replacement of faulty or defective auto parts.

Faulty and Defective Auto Parts

Over the past two years, we’ve seen record-setting automobile recalls in the U.S. From exploding air bags to potentially deadly ignition switches, cars have been getting recalled all over the country. It’s nice to see that the NHTSA is making an effort to get the word out about safety recalls, but are they doing enough? Consumers need to know if they are driving around in cars with injury-causing or potentially fatal defective parts.

When to Call a Product Liability Attorney

Whether your car is currently under recall or you suspect a defective part was the blame for your accident, you need to speak with a lawyer who has proven product liability case experience as soon as possible. Auto part recalls are notorious for long delays. Sadly, it’s common to hear about manufacturers that know about defects waiting months or years to issue a recall. While manufacturers are working on P.R. damage control, lives are being put at risk.

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