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Uniform speed limits during stated times are outdated and put children at risk of becoming pedestrian accident victims. In theory, a law that has people slowing down for children in school zones during high-traffic portions of the day makes sense, but in reality, children are coming and going from school at a variety of different hours. Some schools have early-release programs. Many children stay late for extended day care or sports. Athletic events are frequently after school, and often on weekends. We need to have school zone legislation that truly meets the needs of keeping children in California safe.

The Problem With Uniform Speed Limit During Stated Times

The problem with uniform speed limits during stated times is that drivers might only expect children to be around school zones in those specific time windows. Certainly, the bulk of school children will be out and about during those times, pickup and a release, but what about kids that stay after school for sports or children that come in early? Kids might even be outside during lunchtime. If drivers aren’t expecting children, they are more likely to be less attentive in school zones, where we know children are, no matter what time of day you’re driving through.

Speed Kills in Pedestrian Accidents

• At 15 miles per hour, most pedestrians survive a crash, many sustaining only minor injuries.
• At 20 miles per hour, almost half of pedestrian crashes are fatal, and most result in serious injury.
• At 40 miles per hour, a whopping 90 percent of pedestrian crashes are fatal.

Protecting Children in Our Community

Protecting children in our community needs to be everybody’s responsibility, and if that means posted speed limits in school zones seven days a week, 24 hours a day, we should all be on board. Children are in and around schools all day long, whether they’re heading to class in the morning or staying late for athletics. If drivers only think they need to expect children during a few short windows of time each school day, they’re not going to be watching for children all of the time.

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