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Many of us drive cars with keyless ignition systems or ‘smart keys,’ and we generally think of them as being a modern and safe convenience, but they can also be deadly. At this time, 10 different automakers are facing a class action lawsuit on behalf of millions of Americans who own or lease vehicles with keyless ignition systems. According to the lawsuit, at least 13 carbon monoxide deaths are being linked with these defective ignition systems. These keyless ignition systems don’t have emergency auto-shutoff technology that could save countless lives from fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

What’s the Risk?

What makes these keyless ignition systems so dangerous? With these ignition systems, it’s possible to leave one’s car running, even if you take the key fob out of the car. While that might not sound like too big of a deal at first thought, for families with attached garages, this can lead to deadly consequences. Unfortunately, just taking the key fob out of the car and into the house with you isn’t enough to turn these cars off, and with quieter and quieter engines, it’s easy to take a key-like apparatus with you and think that your car is off.

Keyless Entry and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When these cars are left running in enclosed spaces, like attached garages, they can emit carbon monoxide. If you’re like most people after a long day at work, you don’t immediately go back into the garage after parking your car. Enough deadly gas can be produced to leak into your house, specifically, your bedroom while you sleep, and kill you and your family.

Standing Up for Consumers

Automakers are aware of the danger, because certain newer models have automatic shutoff capabilities built in. The ‘auto-off’ features are available in select newer keyless models, but nothing has been done to repair, upgrade or add this critical safety feature to the older models.

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