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In a nearly unprecedented string of incidents, General Motors has announced new recalls, this time for six different make and models of cars. They are recalling nearly 10,000 2014 Buick LaCrosse’s and Chevrolet Malibu sedans due to the possibility that the factory put rear brakes on the front wheels, around 56,000 Saturn Auras dude to loose transmission cables, and over 51,000 2014 Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC SUVs due to inaccurate gas gauges.

While none of these recalls are immediately dangerous, they are still cause for concern. The recall of the LaCross and Malibu for switched brake pads can cause the front assembly to come loose and brakes to fail. The Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC SUV’s faulty gas gauges can cause the vehicles to stall and crash. The Saturn Aura’s transmission cable can inadvertently switch the engine gears, possibly causing a parked Aura to roll.

While GM says the problems in the recalls are not immediate, and that the majority of the affected vehicles are in dealer stock, the company is clearly going into damage control mode, taking over 100,000 cars off the roads and lots across America in the last few days.

And the quick recalls come with good reason. This is the fourth recall by General Motors since the beginning of the year due to numerous faults.

Most of the damage culminated in March, with the combined recalls of over 1.5 million vehicles of different brands and models under the General Motors masthead. Some of the reasons for the recalls included faulty axle breaks, failed mounted side airbags, and overheating and engine-compartment fires.

With the negative publicity gaining, a Jacksonville, Florida woman is making waves in her campaign to highlight General Motor’s negligence. After her cousin died due to a faulty ignition switch in a Chevy Cobalt (one of the previous and most deadly recalls), Karlie Yarbrough has started a petition that urges Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute GM employees for allegedly keeping the lid on the deadly problem.

As of now, the petition has reached over 100,000 signatures in support, and shows the overwhelming public outcry against General Motor’s systemic negligence.

Due to persistent issues, GM has agreed to more government oversight and a quicker turn around on safety issue reports. The company also recently appointed someone president in charge of global vehicle safety, which is supposed to quicken the bureaucratic pace on finding vehicular faults.

The effects from these measures, besides up to 10 deaths, and nearly a million recalled cars in the last few months (not including the millions total from last year), have yet to be seen.

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