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If you’ve suffered a personal injury or a serious illness, here’s a frightening fact that you should know about health insurance: it pays only your medical bills, and it usually doesn’t pay all of them. You’ll be responsible for deductibles and co-pays, and insurance companies wrongfully will often refuse to cover many of the costs that you incur.

But that’s often not the worst part of being injured or sick. Even if you avoid dishonest insurance companies, and your policy covers all your medical expenses, it won’t replace your lost income if a major injury, a spinal cord injury, severe electrical burns, or a traumatic brain injury, prevents you from working.

A recent study from Harvard University found that, in 2007, 62% of personal bankruptcies resulted from health-related expenses. That number is up from just 8% in 1981. The study also found that 78% of the people who filed for bankruptcy did have medical insurance when they suffered their injuries or illnesses.

In many of those cases, the victims did not consult a personal injury lawyer immediately. Because the victims didn’t act quickly or at all, the people who caused their injuries and illnesses escaped responsibility for the damage that they caused, and the innocent victims saw their lives destroyed.

Insurance may pay your medical bills, but it will not replace your income and the sooner we can take legal action for you the better the financial outcome will be.  We are accident attorneys who can help you avoid a lifetime financial disaster. Check our record.

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