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Major corporations and insurance companies that refuse to be held accountable for injuring people falsely claim that personal injury victims or the families of wrongful death victims are getting a great deal.

Whenever you hear theterm “tort reform” determine the source and understand that corporate PR firms want you to take away the guaranteed constitutional civil right to trial by jury enjoyed by all Americans and they want you to believe you will never need to claim this right.

The other popular ploy is the concept of frivolous lawsuits, that people who suffered no injuries convinced a jury of 12 people to provide multi-million dollar recoveries and spend the rest of their lives in luxury.  That is a total fabrication.

I’ve served as the accident attorney for thousands of innocent people and not one of them would have willingly traded his or her health, pain, limited and diminished life, and severe financial losses for the “chance” to obtain a recovery in a lawsuit.

In an instant, Dave McNabb would give back the $15.5 million that he received as compensation for the horrific electrical burns that he suffered. Just as quickly, George Liu would trade back the $4.5 million that he received when he became a paraplegic because of spinal cord trauma caused by a hot rod driver’s reckless maneuver.  Jack Zhao’s mother, Fei Ying Li, would return every penny of her $4.25 million settlement to reverse the birth defects that Jack suffered in her womb as a result of her workplace exposure to toxic chemicals.

All of these victims have suffered agonies that have forever reduced their quality of life, yet tort reform advocates say that these people have received outlandish settlements.

I’d like to offer any tort reform supporter the chance to trade places with one of my clients. I believe we all know what that response would be.

No settlement is ever a fair trade for a ruined quality of life, and proponents of tort reform know that. No settlement will end the physical pain and bring back a victim’s ability to enjoy life fully, but the settlements that our accident attorneys secure do allow our clients to pay their bills and to live with dignity.

And it is not as if a recovery does not come with costs.  First, the cost of paying for experts and preparing for trial.  Without the right lawyer securing the right witnesses and experts, there is no case. Obviously, lawyers’ fees, and then the medical insurance companies.

Once there is a recovery the health insurance companies are right there with legally recognized liens which entitle them to collect from the award what has been spent on medical care.  For years many have attempted to collect for care at “retail” rates, even though contracts with hospitals and doctors only allowed greatly discounted or “wholesale” rates.

Until it happens to them, no one ever fully appreciates all the damage caused by a serious physical injury – physical pain and suffering, inability to work and severe financial distress.

That’s why you should carry disability income insurance to allow you and your family to continue paying your bills.  Next, always buy as much uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage as your company offers.  If you have purchased an excess or umbrella liability policy, buy excess underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage as well.

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For all personal injury and wrongful death clients: no recovery: no fees, no costs.


Richard Alexander