It took much too long, but the FDA finally has finally given Levaquin and Cipro the Black Box the personal injury warnings that these drugs have always deserved. The Black Box is the last step before an outright ban, and it indicates that a drug is so dangerous that it’s likely to cause severe personal injury or wrongful death. 

That description certainly fits Levaquin and Cipro, which are two members of the toxic group of drugs called fluoroquinolones, commonly known as quinolones. These drugs have been doing harm since they first came on the market.

Levaquin causes a wide range of problems, with the most common being ruptures of the Achilles tendon, and we’ve stressed the dangers of these drugs for a long time.

This warning, and the Black Box for Botox may be indications that the FDA is finally starting to put the health of the American citizens ahead of the profits of the big drug companies. The agency still has a long way to go to show that its priorities are where they should be, but these are definitely hopeful signs.

Despite the Black Box and the adverse event reports for quinolones, many doctors are unaware of the dangers and routinely prescribe these drugs. If you have received a prescription for Levaquin, Cipro, or any other quinolone, and you’ve suffered avoidable personal injuries, contact me to learn if our firm can help you.


Richard Alexander