Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects for children in the womb, and a long list of personal injuries. Employers who choose to expose their workers to toxic chemicals without providing full training and proper protection and are likely to pay heavily for this basic violation of human rights.

Our firm has a long and successful record of representing workers subjected to preventable workplace hazards. In one recent case, we secured an award of $4.25 million for a young boy born with severe birth defects. Jack’s personal injuries were a result of his pregnant mother’s exposure to gallium arsenide and methanol in the factory where she worked.Whether a workplace is a factory, a farm, or an office, California law requires all employers to provide a safe workplace. Employers who willfully expose workers to preventable dangers deserve to face the legal and financial consequences of their actions.

To its credit, California has been very aggressive in protecting workers from exposure to one known carcinogen. The state has been a leader in protecting workers from second-hand smoke, but many workplaces are still very dangerous places because of chemicals in the air.

One industry that has made a habit of exposing workers to dangerous chemicals is agriculture. Farm workers routinely apply herbicides and pesticides without wearing protective clothing or even a mask. When workers go home with residues on their clothes and expose their families to the same chemicals, commonly through washing clothes.

No employer has a right to make workers perform their jobs in an atmosphere contaminated by toxic chemicals. If you or someone you love has become ill because of chemical exposure, contact me to learn more and read the articles on www.alexanderinjury.com about toxic chemicals that cause injuries and deaths.

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