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The FDA must be looking to our website for guidance. On April 24, I posted a blog that describes the personal injuries caused by Botox injections and the serious dangers of long-term injuries posed by irresponsible doctors who stage Botox parties in homes and hotels, far from the medical facilities that a patient who suffers an adverse reaction would need immediately

Just six days later, the FDA imposed a Black Box warning on Botox and its new competitor in the battle against wrinkles – Dysport.A Black Box is the strongest form of warning issued by the FDA about a drug. It’s the last step taken before removing a drug from the market, and the warnings for both of these products will have to state that the toxins can travel far around the body from the site of the injection.

The FDA has now received hundreds of adverse event reports from Botox users. Some have developed serious problems such as difficulty breathing and swallowing.

More reports of the damage done by Botox are surfacing regularly, and this interesting one came out between the posting of our initial blog and the issuance of the FDA‘s new warning requirement.

This Black Box requirement certainly shouldn’t come as any surprise. Injecting poison into the human body is an obvious risk, especially when the poison being used is a diluted form of one of the most deadly toxins on earth.

C. botulinum, the raw material for Botox, causes botulism, which is a form of food poisoning that typically results from improper storage and canning of foods. Early symptoms of botulism poisoning include blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, general muscle weakness, and impaired deep tendon reflexes. Paralysis of the respiratory tract is the most common cause of death from botulism.

Even in its highly diluted form, this powerful toxin can be dangerous or deadly. If it spreads beyond the injection site, it can paralyze any muscle that it contacts, and that is one of the reasons why the FDA has finally required the Black Box.

The FDA finally has taken the right action by giving Botox a Black Box label. That should have been done years ago.

We’re glad we could help, and if Botox has caused an adverse event in your life, contact me to right away. Off-label use of this product has been rampant and exploited by its manufacturer. Botox is responsible for widespread facial paralysis, drooping eyes and cheeks and other permanent injuries that no one should have been subjected to receiving. Call 888.777.1776 or email me using the contact link above.

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