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Doctors promise that Botox, which is a purified form of a nerve poison called botulinum toxin, will deliver the Fountain of Youth in a little vial. Many doctors’ websites show beautiful people who are too young to have developed wrinkles, but supposedly use Botox as a regular part of their beauty regimes.

Botox works by paralyzing muscles, but toxins aren’t obedient or intelligent. They frequently cause personal injuries and even wrongful deaths. After an injection, Botox can move to other sites in the body and damage every muscle or organ that it contacts. If the toxin spreads from the site of the injection to the esophagus, it can cause paralysis and death. In one study, scientists observed that Botox moved into the brains and other parts of the nervous system in rats.Botox sounds to good to be true and the dermatologists and “Botox” specialists will pass off the risk, but poisons are dangerous, and recent reports on Botox are showing that it can cause devastating personal injuries and even wrongful deaths.

In response to the growing personal injuries involving Botox, Canadian authorities have recently ordered a much stronger warning label on Botox products sold in Canada to alert users to the dangers of “distant toxin spread”. The Canadian report says that those dangers, which can be fatal, include muscle weakness, swallowing difficulties, pneumonia, speech disorders and breathing problems.

In the United States, the FDA issued a notice in 2008 stating that Botox and Botox Cosmetic had been linked to adverse reactions, including respiratory failure and death, but in typical FDA practice, the warning has no power behind it and it has had no impact on the growing use of the drug.

The marketing pitches for Botox give the impression that just a few little jabs from a needle can erase the wrinkles and lines that life has left on the face and forehead. Fooling Mother Nature has never been easier, and Botox injections are hugely popular, even though most constitute procedures that the FDA has not approved. Cosmetic Botox is only approved for treating forehead wrinkles between the eyes.

The website for Allergan, the maker of Botox, clearly states that the toxin has received limited FDA approval only for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18 to 65, but the “off-label” use rules condoned by the FDA give doctors carte blanche to inject it into faces and the necks of women and men who want the signs of age to disappear overnight.

Negative reports about Botox reach the news media on a regular basis, and whenever they do, doctors and Allergan are quick to dismiss the dangers of their poison. Botox is big profit maker for them, but as more people use the toxin, more reports of disfiguring side effects are surfacing.

No place on earth has done more to spread the popularity of Botox than Hollywood, but the effects aren’t always exactly what the celebrity is seeking. Facial expressions are an important part of acting, and an actress or actor whose facial muscles are paralyzed doesn’t look like a real person. Real people smile, frown, and make many different expressions. People who can’t move their facial muscles have a permanent blank stare that expresses neither pleasure not disappointment.

For some Hollywood types, Botox injections change their appearances from beautiful to bizarre. For others, bogus Botox has been even more damaging than the real serum.

Despite the deaths, dangers, and disasters, Botox parties have become social events. Friends gather for wine, cheese, and shots from irresponsible doctors who violate the rules of medical safety by giving injections in homes and hotels when the FDA states clearly that the procedure should take place only in a doctor’s office or in a clinic. Danger is always present, and one patient went into shock after receiving a Botox injection and died almost immediately.

Many Botox users admit that they find themselves addicted to the treatment. Their problem is not that they develop a physical dependence on the toxin. Instead, they become psychologically addicted to the idea that they can’t look young and fresh without it.

The marketing of Botox presents the image of a treatment that’s fun, effective, and free of danger, but the truth is that many Botox users experience harmful personal injuries and painful side effects such as permanent drooping eyelids, flu-like symptoms, and facial muscle weakness. The cost of the quest for eternal youth is often much more than just the $500 to $1000 for the injections.

Botox is a powerful toxin that injures many people who use it. If you have suffered personal injury or know of someone who has died as a result of Botox injections, contact me to me immediately.

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