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It’s disgusting.

President Bush and his friends have repeatedly obstructed efforts to expand medical provisions to the poor, specifically blocking SCHIP legislation and holding state governments hostage. As noted recently in the New York Times, time and time again, states have attempted to expand medical insurance to kids. But because states are at the mercy of the federal government on Medicaid funding, the Bush White House has flexed its muscle on restricting efforts to expand coverage. A Bush spokesman, Tony Fratto, says in the article, “This policy demonstrates the president’s compassion. He wants to direct scarce tax dollars to those with the greatest needs.”

No he doesn’t.

He wants to strangle all medical coverage programs to appease his wealthy allies while leaving poor families behind.

If Santa Clara County can provide for 98 percent of their kids, why can’t the wealthiest country in the world take care of its kids? There are more uninsured Californians than there are people in Massachusetts. The White House should at least let states expand their programs, especially when an overwhelming majority of the constituency wants it.

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