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There are lawyers throughout the U.S. who specialize in representing consumers who have been victimized by fraud, false credit reports, collection abuse, mismanaged loans, abusive sales practices and a host of similar cases.

Listed below are lawyers who are members of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. If a member in your area cannot help these attorneys are a great resource for a referral to a qualified lawyer near you.
Also contact the National Consumer Law Center or the NACA main office to find a lawyer nearby who has experience with your situation.

Alexander Law Group, LLP, LLP represents individuals, injured workers, consumers and small businesses individually and in class actions in cases involving defective products, toxic chemicals and corporate fraud in the sale of securities and defective products. Our philosophy and record are reported on our website.

In many situations individuals, consumers and small businesses lack bargaining power with multi-national corporations and end up writing letters and complaining until they give up.

Irresponsible companies will put off people who complain until after their statute of limitations has run, at which time they can then be safely ignored because they are powerless.

Not all cases are amenable to class action treatment, because the laws concerning class actions require that all class members have a common complaint and common injury, but where there is systematical or institutionalize misconduct against a number of persons, then a class action is a powerful vehicle to correct those wrongs.

All our work is on a contingency basis. We pay the costs of litigation without recourse to our clients. As long as our clients follow our advice, if there is no recovery there are no fees or charges. If we are successful in having a class certified we will ask the Court to order the defendant to pay the costs and attorneys incurred by the class.

Remember that every state has limitations on when you can bring suit. Check and understand the laws in your state because if you file one day late your claim can be outlawed. Move early. Move fast. These time limits can be surprisingly short.

Capitalized names are known to be highly qualified and well regarded, but only an informed consumer can determine who will be the best professional for a particular case and the choice is yours. Once you identify someone who can help, call and begin your conversation by telling them “Richard Alexander a trial lawyer in San Jose, California told me to talk with YOU and here’s my situation.” Personalize your approach to get the help you need. Lawyers are like anyone else: they want you to want them because of who they are and a little praise goes a long way. Be prepared with a brief statement of your case and what you hope to accomplish. You may very well find the “right” lawyer for your case using this list, but this list is not the final word. The final decision, after careful inquiry, is your personal choice.

Kenneth Richard Abbot, Jeffersonville, IN, 812.288.1250

Richard M. Alderman, Houston, TX, 713.743.2165

Haydee Alfonso, San Francisco, CA, 415.764.1600

Mark F. Anderson, San Francisco, CA, 415.861.2265

Miriam L. Azrael, Baltimore, MD, 410.821.6800

Peter L. Bagley, Saginaw, MI, 517.777.6665

Stephen G. Barnes, Newport Beach, CA, 714.851.5955

Scott M. Barrett, Indianapolis, IN, 317.637.0700


Barry Baskin, Walnut Creek, CA, 510.945.0200

David B. Baum, San Francisco, CA, 415.956.5544

Robert S. Bennett, Houston, TX, 713.650.0755

Anne A. Bergman, Stillwater, MN, 612.430.2662

Steve W. Berman, Seattle, WA, 206.623.7292

Dale A. Bernard, Cleveland, OH, 216.546.7500

Anne Martin Bernstein, Gainesville, GA, 404.718.1555

William Bernstein, San Francisco, CA, 415.956.1000

Michael J. Bidart, Claremont, CA, 909.621.4935

Michael William Blen, San Francisco, CA, 415.433.6830

Scott T. Borders, Tampa, FL, 813.289.0700

Andrew Roque Bosque, San Jose, CA, 408.293.3923

Randolph O. Bragg, Chicago, IL, 312.630.9006

Robert M. Bramson, Walnut Creek, CA, 510.945.0200

Sandra Benson Brantley, Washington, DC, 202.364.1032

Patrick D. Breeden, New Orleans, LA, 504.524.1008

Robert F. Brennan, Los Angeles, CA, 213.463.2547

William J. Brennan, Jr., Decatur, GA, 404.377.0705 x 236

Bernard E. Brown, Westwood, KS, 913.722.4777

Karen E. Brown, Decatur, GA, 404.377.0705

Mark E. Budnitz, Atlanta, GA, 404.651.2135

Bruce A. Burke, Tucson, AZ, 602.622.3595

Sheldon V. Burman, New York, NY, 212.935.1600

John Burroughs, Oakland, CA, 510.834.6720

Floyd W. Bybee, Tempe, AZ, 602.921.7545

Elizabeth Joan Cabraser, San Francisco, CA, 415.956.1000

Terry F. Callahan, San Antonio, TX, 210.223.2378

John J. Carey, Clayton, MO, 314.854.5800

Jeffrey G. Casurella, Marietta, GA, 770.424.1500

Mark A. Chavez, San Francisco, CA, 415.777.5515

Gail Chester, Perth Amboy, NJ, 908.324.1613

William H. Clendenen, Jr., New Haven, CT, 203.787.1183

Donald F. Clifford, Chapel Hill, NC, 919.962.8511

Bob Cohen, Albany, NY, 518.432.3200

Consumer Attorneys of California, Sacramento, CA, 916.442.6902

Jeff Crabtree, Honolulu, HI, 808.524.5644

Eric L. Crandall, Stillwater, MN, 612.430.8187

Clinton F. Cross, El Paso, TX, 915.544.5200


Daniel G. Deneen, Bloomington, IN, 309.665.0555

Linda K. Dickens, San Francisco, CA, 415.775.9320

Frank Dixon, Portland, OR, 503.242.3585

Randall C. Dixon, Toledo, OH, 419.536.8600

Phillip Doi, Honolulu, HI, 808.531.8300

Michael D. Donovan, Haverford, PA, 610.642.8500

Jane Nussbaum Douglas, Charleston, SC, 803.722.0107

William Robert Dow, Detroit. MI, 313.875.6033

Lynn Drysdale, Jacksonville, FL, 904.356.8371

Manuel Duran, Los Angeles, CA, 213.939.0506

Lisa Chanow Dykstra, Haverford, PA, 610.642.8500

Harvey H. Eckart, St. Paul, MN, 612.227.9990


Donald Erickson, Berkeley, CA, 510.841.8319

Robert H. Erwin, Jr., Baltimore, MD, 410.235.9000

Joanne S. Faulkner, New Haven, CT, 203.772.0395

Richard N. Feferman, Albuquerque, NM, 505.243.7773

Geoff S. Fein, San Jose, CA, 408.779.4379

Robert C. Fellmeth, San Diego, CA, 619.260.4806

Jane D. Femiano, Las Vegas, NV, 702.386.7921

Tomme J. Fent, Oklahoma City, OK, 405.525.8858

Michael Ferry, St. Louis, MO, 314-534-0404

James B. Fishman, New York, NY, 212.406.0570

Cary L. Flitter, Narberth, PA, 610.668.0770

Mary Catherine Fons, Stoughton, WI, 608.873.1270

James Forbes, Anchorage, AK, No phone # listed

Jeffrey M. Freedman, Buffalo, NY, 716.856.7091

Sharon Horner Gant, Detroit, MI, 313.964.4111

Stephen Gardner, Dallas, TX, 214.939.9200

Dwight Golann, Boston, MA, 617.573.8183

Stephen M. Goldgerg, Dunellen, NJ, 908.752.8834

Robert A. Goldstein, Oakland, CA, 510.834.6720

Nicholas J. Gomez, Jr., Burlingame, CA, 415.259.9106

Steven E. Goren, Bingham Hills, MI, 810.540.3100

Gene P. Graham, Jr., Independence, MO, 818.373.9080

Patrick Gannan, Los Angeles, CA, 213.623.8100

Robert S. Green, San Francisco, CA, 415.981.4800

Christopher E. Green, Seattle, WA, 206.682.9852

Leland L. Green, Mineola, NY, 516.746.3800

Michael M. Greenfield, St. Louis, MO, 314.935.6428

Frank J. Griffin, Collingswood, NJ, No phone # listed

Robert N. Grossbert, Baltimore, MD, 410.837.0590

Howard A. Gutman, Springfield, NJ, 201.257.9400

Michael Frank Hacker, Albuquerque, NM, 505.842.1058

Carlyle W. Hall, Jr., Los Angeles, CA, 310.441.8300

Thomas J. Hannan, San Francisco, CA, 415.362.8769


Amada Hawes, San Jose, CA, 408.289.1776

Mark Stephen Hendrix, Columbia, MO, 314.445.4396

Patrick J. Hennessy, Shreveport, LA, 318.221.8000

Vivian R. Hessel, Chicago, IL, No phone # listed

John B. Hiatt, Santa Fe, NM=, 505.827.6060

Stanley A. Hirtle, Dayton, OH, 513.228.8088

Robert J. Hobbs, Boston, MA, 617.523.8010

Anthony J. Hom, Philadelphia, PA, 215.972.5112

Elizabeth C. Hurst, Santa Fe, NM, No phone # listed

Daniel A. Idzikowski, Sheboygan, WI, 414.452.2277

Raymond G. Ingalsbe, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 407.775.3505

Dale K. Irwin, Kansas City, MO, 816.531.2224

Barry Gordon Irwin, Athens, GA, 706.548.9500

Sidney Jackson, Mobile, AL, No phone # listed


Jody Joseph, San Francisco, CA, 415.764.1600

Arlene Kafker, Washington, DC, 202.775.1550

Scott Kalkin, San Francisco, CA, 415.543.5372

Treena A. Kaye, Sanford, FL, 407.322.8983

Bryan Kemnitzer, San Francisco, CA, 415.861.2265

William E. Kennedy, Santa Clara, CA, 408.241.1000

Susan Kephart, Kansas City, MO, 816.474.6750

Suzanne Keys, Jackson, MS, 601.354.1210

Craig Thor Kimmel, Blue Bell, PA, 610.834.3800

Lawrence T. King, Birningham, AL, 205.251.2823

Jeffrey L. Kodroff, Philadelphia, PA, 215.864.2400

Eddie M. Krenek, Houston, TX, 713.650.0755

William M. Krieg, Fresno, CA, 209.441.7485

Jerome S. Lamet,.Chicago, IL, 312.939.2221

David A. Leen, Seattle, WA, 206.325.6022

Christopher M. Lefebvre, Pawtucket, RI, 401.728.6060

Robert W. Legg, Cleveland, OH, No phone # listed

Steve Lehto, Farmington Hills, MI, 810.855.0866

Ellen Leitzer, Albuquerque, NM, 505.265.2300

Melissa Beth Levine, Garden City, NY, 516.294.1770

Robert C. Levine, Miami, FL, 305.373.4074

John E. Lewis, Birmingham, AL, 205.328.0640

Louis R. Lint, Muskegon, MI, 616.726.3384

Mary K. Little, St. Petersburg, FL, 813.821.0726

Michaelene Loughlin, Hackensack, NJ, 201.487.9797

Ronald Lovitt, San Francisco, CA, 415.362.8769

Daniel B. Lynch, Pasadena, CA, 818.796.3182

Thomas J. Lyons, Jr., Maplewood, MN, 612.770.5155

Thomas J. Lyons, Sr., Maplewood, MN, 612.770.5155

Julia Frances MacPete, San Diego, CA, 619.696.8090

Peter L. Maier, Seattle, WA, 206.623.2800


Roger L. Mandel, Dallas, TX, 214.661.8884

Elizabeth R. Mannionl, Clearwater, FL, 813.461.6100

Alan Mansfield, San Diego, CA, 619.231.1058

G.E. Massafra, Decatur, GA, No phone # listed

Steven David Masters, Philadelphia, PA, 215.546.4183

Scott Maurer, San Jose, CA, 408.998.5298 x 308

Jonathan Reber McCurdy, East Palo Alto, CA, 415.853.1600

Christopher A. McElgunn, Witchita, KS, 316.267.0331

Henry W. McLaughlin, Richmond, VA, 804.648.1012

Russell A. Meade, Venice, FL, 941.485.9653

Gary Merenstein, Boulder, CO, 303.494.0914

Thomas James Methvin, Montgomery, AL, 334.269.2343

Jill Leone Miles, Charleston, WV, 304.558.8986

Michael Millemann, Baltimore, MD, 410.706.8340

Stewart R. Miller, Dallas, TX, 214.352.5757

Frederick L. Miller, Detroit, MI, 313.762.0599

Eleanor R. Minsky, Reno, NV, 702.329.9069

John T. Mitchell, Coeurd¹Alene, ID, 208.664.8111

Donna Siegal Moffa, Haddonfield, NJ, 609.795.2995

Shellie Lynnette Moore, Little Rock, AR, 501.682.1109

Garry R. Moore, Clearwater, FL, 813.443.0657

Beverly C. Moore, Jr., Washington, DC, 202.364.1032

Richard W. Morefield, Kansas City, MO, 814.842.0850

James Moretti, Cranston, RI, 401.946.7979


John T. Murray, Sandusky, OH, 419.624.3000

Joseph G. Murray, Stroudsburg, PA, 717.424.8886

Gary Nadler, Petaluma, CA, 707.763.6701

Brian W. Newcomb, Menlo Park, CA, 415.322.7780

Kenneth J. Nolan, Hollywood, FL, 305.929.4850

Ross E. Novick, Boulder, CO, 303.545.6645

Willard P. Ogburn, Boston, MA, 617.523.8010

Lewis W. Page, Jr., Birmingham, AL, 205.324.1800

John S. Parker, Santee, CA, 619.448.4680

David J. Philipps, Chicago, IL, 312.939.6280

Gerardo R. Pico Del Rosario, San Juan, PR, 787.722.5555

James Pletz, Pittsburg, PA, 412.281.8400

Dale W. Pittman, Petersburg, VA, 804.862.1100

Arlette S. Poland, Palm Dessert, CA, 619.862.1212

Judith Popper, Kansas City, MO, 816.889.5000

Henry J. Price, Indianapolis, IN, 317.633.8787

Morgan L. Queal, Saguache, CO, 719.655.0210


Daniel A. Ragland, Atlanta, GA, 404.233.1114

Michael F. Ram, San Francisco, CA, 415.595.6100

James John Raman, Spartanburg, SC, 803.582.6840

Elizabeth Renuart, Baltimore, MD, 410.366.8621

Gerald F. Richman, Miami, FL, 305.373.4000

Rachel P. Roat, Plainsboro, NJ, 201.792.636.

Mills Robert, Greenbrae, CA, No phone # listed

Galen Robinson, Minneapolis, MN, 612.827.3774

Joanne Robinson, Irvington, NJ, 201.373.3700

John Roddy, Boston MA, 617.248.8700

Ian A. Rodihan, Seattle, WA, 206.223.7700

Lisa J. Rodriguez, Haverford, PA, 610.642.8500

Jaime Rodriguez Rodriguez, Vega Baja, PR, 809.858.9573

Sanford Jay Rosen, San Francisco, CA, 415.433.6830

Yvonne W. Rosmarin, Arlington, MA, 617.648.4040

Howard D. Rothbloom, Marietta, GA, 404.424.5200

Toby J. Rothschild, Long Beach, CA, 310.435.3501

Richard J. Rubin, Santa Fe, NM, 505.9834418

Edward L. Rubin, Berkeley, CA, 510.642.0821

Frank P. Samples, Bakersfield, CA, 805.323.6433

Harris B. Savin, Philadelphia, PA, 215.732.4200

Lawrence W. Schad, Chicago, IL, 312.939.6280

Mark A. Sereni, Broomal, PA, 610.353.7000

Michael C. Shaw, Tempe, AZ, 602.921.7545

James Shedden, Chicago, IL, 312.939.6280

Carl Shoolman, Rochester, NY, 716.271.4861

Morris M. Shuster, Haverford, PA, 610.642.8500

Robert M. Silverman, Blue Bell, PA, 610.834.3800

Gary P. Sklaver, New Haven, CT, 203.772.2180

Larry Sokoloff, Cupertino, CA, 408.973.7224

Steven B. Solomon, Burlingame, CA, 415.373.0270

Henry J. Sommer, Philadelphia, PA, 215.242.8639

Marc R. Stanley, Dallas, TX, 214.661.8884

Jotham M. Stein, Palo Alto, CA, No phone # listed

Mark H. Steinbach, Washinton, DC, 202.775.1550

Howard Strong, Reseda, CA, No phone # listed

Patricia Sturdevant, San Francisco, CA, 415.397.7057

James C. Sturdevant, San Francisco, CA, 415.495.4140

Stephen L. Swann, Arlington, VA, 703.276.4820

Robert L. Swearingen, St. Louis, MO, 314.291.6868

David B. Sweeney, Memphis, TN, 901.386.3662

Jerry Tanzy, El Paso, TX, 915.566.4300

Steven A. Taterka, Kingston Springs, TN, 615.952.3661

Idell Marie Thomas, Zachary, LA, 504.387.5173

Peter Torres, Jr., San Antonio, TX, 210.737.2672

Richard Utman, Jr., Albuquerque, NM, 505.764.9112

David R. Vandeventer, Louisville, KY, 502.573.2200

James A. Vaughan, Minden, LA, 318.377.9797

Chandler S. Visher, San Francisco, CA, 415.391.0222

Lawrence Walner, Chicago, IL, 312.201.1616

James A. Walrath, Milwaukee, WI, 414.291.5482

Ray G. Warner, Kansas City, MO, 816.235.2384

Anthony Jon Walters, Baltimore, MD, 410.706.7365

Pamm Wiggin, Portland, OR, 503.295.2924

Harold L. Williams, Cleveland, OH, 216.687.1900

John F. Wilson , Camden, NJ, 609.964.0030

Peter S. Wright, Jr., Henniker, NH, 603.428.7141

Robert Scott Wylie, Santa Ana, CA, 714.541.1010

David B. Zlotnick, Tucson, AZ, 602.798.3255


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